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About Me

Born in West Sussex, now living in Somerset, I am currently working in publishing, but my background is also in web content management. And of course, job blundering!

I have started offering proofreading and editing services - please see Proofreading for more information.

I also have a BA (Hons) Media Studies, a PTC Magazine Journalism and a healthy interest in R&B music. 

About my book

Job-hunting, hate it or love it, has to be done and it is a process like no other.


I have spent a long time being terrified of jobs and having to take part in the whole job-hunting system, and so Please Don't Hire Me, I'm Scared! aims to enlighten readers on applying, interviewing, starting, leaving and running away from jobs, in an entertaining way. I say entertaining because I can call it that now, but at the time, everything to do with work was distressing and daunting to me. 

There is something for everyone in this book, no matter how many or how few interviews you've had, readers will be able to identify with the application and interview process; from the ridiculous to the same old interview.


Whether you've walked straight in to jobs, whether you've been made redundant after having worked in the same role or profession for years or you're a graduate - you are or you will be a job hunter at some point in your life and the book is about my life experience which is full of job-related mistakes, embarrassment and laughter - I can now look back and turn some negative scenarios in to comedy-value 'lessons learnt'. I hope.    

This is my messy account of job hunting; the highs and lows, the limbo and the happy medium...if there is one.

This book is available to buy from WaterstonesAmazon, iTunes and SilverWood Books.

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