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Please Don't Hire Me, I'm Scared! A Review

by Avise La Fin at Consider the end...

"This book isn’t a self-help book, I wouldn’t even describe it as a ‘what not to do’ book, it’s a book that describes the ups and downs of the millennial job hunt in a relatable, sometimes cutting and comic way. Where a degree isn’t enough to even get your foot in the door of the ‘proper job’ you’re looking for and you spend years of your life working in a job you have no passion for while desperately searching for meaning somewhere, anywhere…" Read more.

[Review] Please Don't Hire Me, I'm Scared

by Carol at Born into the wild life 

"This is the first book I have finished in over a year, it’s a little embarrassing to admit that, but this just speaks volumes to how much I LOVE THIS BOOK..." Read more.

A review

by Jacqueline Lucas at Jacqueline's view

"A humorous read which cautions the reader to learn from the author’s mistakes, the book contains plenty of witty observations of strange interviewers, greedy customers and “dipsh*t” colleagues, along with plenty of biting sarcasm. Bloodworth’s inner voice echoes the things we all wish we could say aloud to those ‘trying’ individuals we encounter in the world of work..." Read more.

by Johanna

"My feedback would be that I think you need to be a bit more concise in your writing as I found the chapters I read to be a little repetitive. I also felt that it would benefit from a more nuanced angle - I was a bit confused about whether you were giving me advice on job hunts, or telling me your story. I suspect that your story would be more interesting than the advice, so maybe you could focus on that more, perhaps even fictionalise it a little to draw the reader in more?" Read more.

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