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I am no longer a book without a review

That's right, my book has not only one, but three published reviews now!

A couple of colleagues took time out of their busy lives to read and review my book recently and I am so pleased they did, because it is no longer a book without published feedback - and thank goodness they actually liked the book too!

Please note, before I go any further, that these colleagues are new ones, they do not know me personally and were not aware of my previous experiences or work history. And they could have quite frankly said that they did not enjoy it; that they found the subject of the book to be alien to them; and that they did not see the point of any of it, but they did not. The only thing I asked of them was to read the book and to write up what they thought about it and they have published on their own blogs.

The other review which has just come to me today is from somebody I do not know personally or professionally and this reviewer also enjoyed the book which again makes me very happy. This person has had very similar experiences to mine and actually told me today that I have inspired her to sort her job-hunting stuff out. I have never inspired anyone so this is indeed a subject alien to me, but I wish you all the best!

To be honest, I expected negative reviews more than anything. I'm sure these are still on the horizon, however, to not have any form of published opinion until now has been playing on my mind and even if these turned out to be negative or highly critical, I would obviously not be entirely happy reading them, but at the end of the day, at least my book would no longer be a book without impression (this is not an invite for a negative review). I just hope more people enjoy reading this book and that it touches on a lot of other people's experiences and thinking behind this job-hunting arena we repeatedly find ourselves in.

These reviews can be found on the book reviewer's websites which are listed on my Review page.

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