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New video!

'Please Don't Hire Me, I'm Scared!' now has a brand new book trailer!

There has been very little activity for my book recently but I'm pleased to say that I have still been chipping away in the background at promoting it.

I've received some great reviews which I am most grateful to the reviewers for taking the time to read and pass on their feedback, my followers are growing steadily as are my book sales (even though I'm sure they won't ever be to a best-selling standard but that's ok) and now I've managed to bring my story (book cover) to life in the form of some beautiful - with a bag over my head- high-end black and white photographs (taken by Catherine Jolley Photography). And to top it off, a book trailer which may have been a better idea to start rather than finish with, but I guess we live and learn...all the time!

Thank you to those who have helped me share my story -.I wouldn't be privileged to know you had I not worked with you all in the few jobs I've had and I hope to use you and your skills again very soon.

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