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Every bad author talk has a silver lining, right?

My author talk took place yesterday (Saturday 7 April 2018) at Frome Library in Somerset and it unfortunately did not go very well.

This is what it's all about though, right? Ups and downs? Putting yourself out there as an unknown person with an idea, just waiting to see what people think of you and your book? I don't know, perhaps.

The bad news is that only one person turned up, but the good news is that this person turned out to be an extremely interesting person who I think will appreciate the free copy of my book which I gave to him. And I say only one person turned up, but my husband was also there supporting me so I guess you could say that there were three of us in total!

Between the three of us, we talked about Please Don't Hire Me, I'm Scared!, my work history, our opinions on the digital world we are finding ourselves now living in and how scary a lot of it seems, our love of the cinema, great illustrators, great books and also how I should target these talks more at my target audience rather than a, although lovely, but small and quiet local library.

Thank you to this person for their feedback and for coming along and being a great person to talk to; I will most certainly look in to aiming my book at some new places, so let's just call this one a pilot talk for now.

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