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Dream job not what you ordered?

A desirable job is one some of us already have, some of us are still working towards getting and some of us have no clue what our devilishly handsome dream job actually looks like until we've ordered it. And then we run away screaming!

Hunting for your dream job is a scary business to be in and I for one have found that out the hard way. I have examined countless job adverts repeatedly over the years, thought to myself, "Oh I like the sound of that one" or "Yep, I could do that, easy", and then got to the interview or even the job itself and realised how wrong I got it.

My devilishly handsome dream job has been more than what I ordered from the menu on several occasions. It has turned out to either be a huge disappointment, as far from the job description as it could possibly be or I have let my obsession with finding my one and only dream job get in the way of logic. By this I mean, failing to see what I want from a job, what would make me happy as well as understanding what an employer wants from an employee. It is a two-way street in my opinion and being open to enjoying more than one dish on offer.

It can be good and bad. risky and rewarding, damaging and soul destroying, but even if our dream job turns out to be more or less than we expected it to be, sometimes we just have to accept that getting it wrong (so completely wrong) will help us get it right in the end. Here's hoping!

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