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Left some heart in Scotland

After returning from a few days away in snowy Scotland, I feel refreshed and ready to keep pushing the book, even though I managed to do a bit of book promoting during my visit there!

I spent a couple of days seeing family around the Falkirk area and got to place a nice pile of my little flyers at a quaint cafe called 'The Fat Cyclist' in Stirling. Then I went over to Edinburgh for a couple more days and on my way to the city centre from Haymarket, a lovely lady was also very happy to take one of my flyers to put in her bookshop, even though it specialised in second-hand and antique books. Thank you, lovely lady!

Then, to my delight, the owner of the B&B we stayed in bought a paperback copy of the book!

Her name is Lydie and she runs the most quirky and most beautiful little place to stay in Edinburgh - she also displays some of her own artwork which is fantastic. It turns out we have a lot in common too. She suffers with anxiety and she wants to get her artwork out there so much, though she hates the thought of putting herself out there in the world to be criticised. She admitted that she found it tough to deal with before and this has knocked her confidence slightly, but I told her to just go for it. I feel the same about a lot of things, especially my book and job-hunting as a part of everyday life, but sometimes, we just have to give ourselves a break. People may not like what they see when we open ourselves up, and that's absolutely fine, because sometimes, just the art of trying to do something is more important than being liked.

I love Edinburgh and the people I met there. I will come back soon!

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