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Book published!

Please Don't Hire Me, I'm Scared! was published 5 December 2017 by SilverWood Books so now it's time for me to get it out there in the big, wide world. And I intend to do this by:

- Setting up a physical book launch in a local book shop in Somerset in the coming weeks - details to be confirmed.

- Getting an article published in a local newspaper within the next couple of weeks - likely to be the Frome Times.

- Approaching retailers such as Waterstones and Foyles Bookshop to sell copies, as well as the current ones: Amazon, iTunes and SilverWood Books.

- Arranging a potential physical book launch/event local to West Sussex where more family and friends can attend - details to be confirmed.

- Being active on social media - my friends and family and anyone else who might be following me, will be sick of my updates before too long, I'm sure!

- Inviting people to review the book.

I'd best get on with it then!

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